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About Armstrong Media Group

Armstrong Media Group, LLC. Is a small publishing company based in Florida. Its creator, Michael Pyle, is a retired lawyer, who has published several books while developing his professional career. In this bookshelf we want to let you know his creations, as well as those of his friends. 

logo of Armstrong Media Group, LLC. Small publishing company in Florida that publish the books of Michael A. Pyle


Michael Pyle was born in 1953 in Daytona Beach, Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Florida, with a minor in creative writing. He obtained a master’s degree in Linguistics, was an associate professor of English as a Second Language, and later graduated from with a Juris Doctor degree from the School of Law, all at the same university.


He wrote Cliffs TOEFL Preparation Guide and two similar textbooks for foreign students, published by Cliffs Notes and its successors. 


In 2012, he published his historical fiction novel "White Sugar, Brown Sugar", about racial issues, drug abuse, and recovery in 1950s and 60s Florida. It follows the loss of innocence of their characters, submergence to the depths of desperation, and eventual emergence as recovering adults. It is a story of friendship, hope, strength, and inspiration.


In 2018, he published 'Cuban Roots' after performing extensive research and interviews in the United States and throughout Cuba. Both novels were published through his small publishing company, Armstrong Media Group, LLC.


After practicing law for 40 years and retiring in 2023, Pyle has turned to writing general fiction. His recent works feature characters from his previous books.

Michael A. Pyle, writer, holding his book White Sugar, Brown Sugar.
Michael A. Pyle, author in the F.R.E.S.H Book Festival in Daytona Beach, Florida, selling his books and his friends books.
Michael A. Pyle is reading his book Cuban Roots in his law office.
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