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White Sugar, BrownSugar, first novel of Michael A. Pyle, about two friends who fall into drugs and manage to recover

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Sometimes a debut novel will really surprise the reader with its scope and depth. Such is the case with this one.
Author Michael Pyle's  White Sugar, Brown Sugar  is a novel of many levels and spanning many years. Some will see it as a novel about race relations and discrimination in Florida during the 1960s. Others will see it as an exploration of drug and alcohol abuse, and subsequent recovery for some. But for this reader, it's a book about the triumph of the human spirit.

Frienda Bills

There are many dark moments in this book but in the end it is a message of hope and personal triumph that is refreshing and not a "sugar-coated" fairy tale. Interesting adult reading, as the story progresses through the years Michael Pyle transports his readers into the desperate world of substance abuse and alcoholism with many candid revelations that may provide insight and hope for any person, friend or family member experiencing concern or despair as a result of alcohol or narcotic addiction. 

Debie DiChiara

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